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January 30, 2023

Terrible 20’s

My 20’s were nothing short of challenging but looking back I might not have become the Woman I am today without those experiences, so no regrets! But my journey could have been a little smoother with the knowledge I now have and implement into my life. So I’d like to pay forward advice, lessons and keys … use them as you may :)

NO is one of your strongest words, use it without hesitation

Boundaries does not mean you love someone less, it just means you love yourself more

Disappear and refocus for 6 months. Deep introspection can lead to a lifetime of growth and change

You’re not a bad person for making yourself a priority

Selflessness has boundaries too

If we don’t ask, we don’t get

Do it now! If we don’t start implementing plans for our future we might never get to it

You don’t have all the time in the world. Life moves quick

Be as present as possible

That thing you’ve always wanted to do, DO IT

That career you’ve always wanted to pursue, GO FOR IT

Healthy habits start NOW

Laugh, A LOT

Cry when need be

Lessons of love are not sent to destroy us but give us an opportunity to do better

Accept patterns, people and principles as they are not how you want them to be

YOU got this


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