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March 14, 2023

Self Motivation

Motivation is not always present but it can be reoccurring. With a disciplined mindset and the deep desire to want and be better all around, we can achieve motivation with the following steps …

Being gentle with self is the first step to building a motivational mindset. Please understand that you most likely won’t wake up everyday wanting to be your most motivated self. On those days try to meditate your way to completely a task. Take 5 even 10 minutes to clear your mind and refocus, it can do wonders.

Visually seeing your goals or tasks everyday can fuel your motivation to its highest capacity. If we see what we want, we are more likely to get up and make it happen.

Track your progress and celebrate it! Happiness is a beautiful motivating factor … when we feel light we are even more excited to run towards it.

Be mindful of what you feed yourself. Mind body and spirit. The shows we watch, the food we eat, the books we read and the people we choose to be around play a huge role in how motivated we can and will become.

Remember small steps daily build big progress and failure is inevitable. Just because your taking the long way doesn’t mean you’re going the wrong way.

Motivate at your own pace, just keep going xoxo

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