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January 16, 2023

Self love

Self Love, easier said than done and alway something new to discover about ourselves. The quest is endless but these keys will help you on your path to development, enjoy!

Set Boundaries:

Because when we respect ourselves, our space and show others how we expect to be treated we are setting the tone for the ultimate form of self respect and love

Recognize when you need a break:

A much deserved day off is essential for your mental and physical health. You cannot possibly perform at your best run down and burnt out. Find balance in work and rest, try not to feel guilty about it

Let go:

Walking away from anything that is at your detriment will make way for the many blessings you deserve

People Pleasing:

Truth is you cannot please everyone no matter how hard you try. Whats right for you might not work for the next individual and that’s ok. DO YOU with compassion, open communication ad a big moral standard

Maintain you emotional and mental health:

Either it be fitness, therapy, reading, meditation etc etc or all of the above, find what keeps you clear, calm, motivated and focused throughout you day

Protect your Peace:

We adapt to our environment conscious and/or subconscious. What and who you surround yourself with either weighs you down or lifts you up. Choose wisely

We are what we consume:

What we eat becomes part of us good or bad It affects our mood, energy, focus, confidence etc etc. Enjoy life but make health a priority


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