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June 19, 2023

Restoring Energy

Feeling not so yourself?? A bit sluggish or finding it hard to focus at even the most minor tasks at hand? Identifying burnout is one thing but learning to restore our energy consistently and effectively is another. Here are a few keys for filling your own cup when times get draining ….

An adequate amount of sleep is the first step in restoring energy. 7 to 9 hours is highly recommended but only sometimes realistic. Be intentional with your sleep patterns. Apps such as Aura Health, Calm, and Headspace can keep you accountable on your sleep journey.

Eat for energy. What we fuel ourselves with is just as important as the consistency with which we eat. We are what we consume. Yes, indulging is essential, but in order to restore, we must feed our mind, body, and spirit essential nutrients to function correctly.

Regulate Caffeine! The crash and burn is REAL … know when enough is enough when it comes to consuming your favorite caffeinated drinks.

Exercise will boost energy levels to heights that will not only benefit you physically but, most importantly, clear your mind and release anxiety. Just a 15 min a day walk can increase creative output by 60%

Takes breaks when need be. NEVER feel guilty for resting when your body asks for a much-needed break. Breaks are essential for increasing focus, preventing burnout, Fueling creativity, and overall personal and professional satisfaction.

Ask for help. For some, this might be one of the most challenging tasks. But we all need a shoulder to lean on, guide us, and speak the truth. Even the most successful have a friend, partner, and or mentor they can rely on. If the ego is holding you back from asking … put it down. You’re only hurting yourself in the end.

- Your coach, Nazanin Mandi

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