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March 14, 2023

Remaining Present

Staying present and remaining in the moment does not come naturally to a lot of us, myself included.
Our minds wonder unknowingly even in the most important times. Instead of being hard on yourself try a few of these keys to aid you in building the ability to remain as present as possible.

To get to the root of being mindful, meditation is vital and takes practice and consistency. Remaining present in these moments might not happen over night so don’t get discouraged or give up! Start with just a five minute daily meditation practice and build from there.

Awareness of your surroundings even if at home alone is essential. When we identify an object and focus it build stamina across the board.

What are your subconscious thoughts? Even while watching TV and/or listening to music. If we are aware of our inner dialogue we find it easier to control.

Spending time with the right people who inspire us to remain present is so important. Do these individuals spark joy? Do they bring you out of your shell and into the moment? Whoever is bringing you the most happiness gets the most time.

Monitor your daily phone use. Easier said than done but when we focus less on the world going on in our devise, lift our heads up and take in our surroundings we are more likely to be involved in the present.

And for those that have a hard time multitasking, focusing on one thing at a time can help you remain present and not overwhelmed in the least.


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