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July 17, 2023

Personal Boundaries

Setting boundaries is complex for others, but setting them for ourselves might be even more challenging for some. We are not in control of the person we set them for, but we sure are in control of US. Difficulties staying true to the personal boundaries you set to better your overall life experience? Here are a few keys to make your journey a bit more consistent:

Set realistic goals and personal expectations. What are you capable of doing daily & maintaining? Only you know the answer to that. Make a list & keep expectations accurate.

Honor your core values. What do YOU stand for? We can always steer right when we set the tone with our genuine beliefs. Walk in your truth consistently.

Time Management. When we can stay on time, we also make room to stay on task. Maintaining a regular schedule is a massive key to personal success.

No means no. This word is one of your most powerful answers. Use it when need be but most importantly, guilt-free.

Communication is KEY. How will anyone know your boundaries if you don’t voice them? Be vocal about where you stand & be firm IN your stance.

Rest when need be. Without our health, we truly have nothing. Rest is not a reward but a priority! Now THAT is a solid personal boundary.

Listen to your intuition. What does your soul say? If we pause & listen closely enough, we subconsciously know the answers. Our bodies will always tell us when we are to enforce space and boundaries.

- Your coach, Nazanin Mandi

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