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November 23, 2022

Meet ourselves as we are

Self acceptance in our current state can be a jarring realization. To not only love ourselves at our highs but also at our lows takes a certain level of mental maturity we are all capable of. Here are six reminders to help meet, love and accept ourselves at any stage of life.

  1. Be proud of how far you have come! You have survived every heartbreak, road block and detour. Celebrate your current state. You fought to get here .. give yourself your flowers!
  2. Give yourself grace. Be easy on your mental. You’re human and deserve peace HERE and NOW.
  3. Be present. Yesterday is gone, today is what counts and tomorrow is not promised. Remain here in this moment and enjoy the blessings. 
  4. You’re worthy of who you are now just like you’re worthy of who you will become. One step at a time. Live in it and know you deserve to be here! 
  5. Just because you haven’t reached your goals yet doesn’t mean you won’t. Good things take time and great things take even longer. Be gentle on your current path. Give yourself permission to rise and fall. There are lessons in the present. 

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