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January 8, 2023


Have you ever asked yourself what kind of love do you deeply desire? What kind of love do you want? What kind of love do you deserve in your life?

Only up until recently have I had enough personal clarity to ask myself such questions ….

We will never attain what we want if we don’t know what that is, especially in love. We can wish, pray and even try to manifest our ideal Partner but if we don’t have a clear view of who that is, the chances of us recognizing what’s right for us is slim to none. Ask yourself:

Realistically what kind of love fills YOUR cup?
What kind of partner do you need in order to feel safe? Motivated? Cherished?
What kind of partnership do you aspire to have that will allow such trust that you feel free?

The deeper the questions the more transparent the path. Don’t hesitate to write your wants, needs and hopes down… when we can physically see our mate goals it gives us the faith we need in order to attract. Don’t give up, the right one is out there we just need to be exact.

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