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April 3, 2023


Insecurity; uncertainty or anxiety about oneself. Also the root of most missed opportunities and/or self sabotage. But how do we move forward when we have been controlled by this formed unhealthy mindset for so long? Trying these essential keys can help set the tone for breaking these insecurities that no longer serve us and frankly never have ….

Understanding that most of our insecurities have been subconsciously fed to us is the first step. We have let what others have said to us take over our reality. Understanding what is true, false or a projection is key.

Confronting and challenging these insecurities and intruding thoughts is just as important. You have the ability to stop your insecure thoughts, even if this is a reoccurring pattern. You are in control, you are strong enough to identify what is false and let it go.

Prioritize self care. When we take care of ourselves mind body and spirit we build confidence that cannot be shaken.

Do small daily task that bring you joy and help build character. Confidence is not built over night but when we hone in on what feeds us it lights up a part of our soul no one can tear down.

Being grateful and reflecting on the good. It’s true, when we are grateful for what we already have we attract more abundance and joyful experiences. A negative mindset only attracts the things we don’t really want which creates a spiraling affect.


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