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March 14, 2023

Healthy Habits

Forming unhealthy habits is no easy tasks and some of us struggle with this more than others. No matter the intensity consistency of forming substantial habits is hard but necessary in order to reach our highest potential. Below are a few keys that can get you on your way and help set you up for success when it comes to forming long lasting beneficial habits.

First of all its extremely import to identify why it is difficult for you to form healthy habits. Is it lack of motivation? Lack of confidence or self belief? Are you simply just lazy or a procrastinator? Whatever the case may be awareness is key in order to control the root issue.

Write down what you would like to achieve and map out a step by step plan to achieve it. Study your idols, the people you look up to; How did THEY get there?? And move accordingly.

Begin with daily baby steps that lead to huge results. What are three things you can do everyday that will lay the foundation to your goals? You do not have to overinundate your schedule to make progress.

Consistency is KEY!! Building consistency takes time management and benign the present moment. Overthinking about what needs to happen next will only overwhelmed your process.

Track your progress as needed. physically seeing our progress is motivation within it’s self, let that fuel you.

lastly, reward yourself! There’s no accomplishment too small you shouldn’t celebrate!


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