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June 12, 2023

Happiness Hacks

Happiness is genuinely ebb and flow and only as consistent as we make it. Realistically no one is always happy, but some hacks help promote a more cheerful mood and experience. Save these keys for a gloomy day ….

1. Solutions: Having a solutions-based mentality will not only shift the focus into high gear but give you a goal and something to attain. Stress will be lifted much faster when there’s an end in mind.

2. Count your blessings:  Gratitude sets the tone for our day. Gratitude is also a motivating force that pushes us to attain and attract more; when we recognize our blessings, our energy soars.

3. Daily Habits: Finding personal joy is vital to a life filled with happiness. When we pour into ourselves by doing hobbies that ignite confidence and pleasure, we are a much more well-rounded, happier individual. With that said, what does pouring into you look like?

4. Surroundings: Happiness is contagious! The importance of the people we choose to spend our time with is vital. Choose wisely when it comes to the energy you let into your life. Subconsciously we adapt.

5. Dream Big: If we don’t think beyond our wildest dreams, we can never achieve them. Deeply considering what we want out of life can be a driving force for happiness to bloom. When we picture our best selves, we spark a motivating force within. Never stop dreaming!

6. Perform acts of kindness: Helping another profoundly benefits others and sparks a sense of undeniable happiness. Optimism is activated, which is a motivating force for doing more. There truly is no more incredible feeling than this, do it often!

A solutions-based mentality will shift the focus into high gear and☯

- Your coach, Nazanin Mandi

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