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March 20, 2023

Gaining Awareness

Self awareness is no easy task especially if it does not come naturally to self. Most of the time we are so caught up in the now that we end up somewhere we don’t necessarily want or need to be due to our lack of awareness. Here are a few keys to help guide and build your awareness meter …

Starting with boundaries is essential. Identifying what your limitations are with people, places, mental capacity and what you will and will not accept can help strengthen your mind, relationships and awareness all around

Practicing self discipline consistently if its a goal, working out, reading, doing one task a day on your list will sharpen your abilities and give you the clarity to be aware

Journaling daily is a wonderful way to build awareness. Physically seeing in writing your progress wants and needs is confidence building to say the least.

Meditation daily creates a safe space for peace, clarity and the ability to make sound aware choices

Being open to the possibilities and letting go of control is a beautiful way to gain awareness. If you are free of expectation and flowing in fear, it is much easier to see the current steps you are taking.

Always remember self awareness can be enjoyable. Living your truth is key

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