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May 29, 2023


When was the last time you asked yourself… What is stopping me from achieving my dreams? Is it ..

Is it fear of failure?


Lack of commitment?

Lack of self-belief?

Lack of discipline?

Or the belief of a lack of resources?

Whichever is interrupting your flow of achievement, here are a few habits you need to eliminate to attain:

Distraction: Yes, do what you need to do to survive daily, but any and every else is a distraction. Learn to differentiate what that is and move accordingly.

Perfectionism: A good plan executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.

Excuses: We can all be full of them, but an excuse is prolonging your greatness and belittling your abilities. When we make excuses, we are making room for others to take our spot

Lack of consistency: When we don’t do one thing every day that leads us to our ultimate goal, we only prolong our results. Small, consistent steps lead to significant achievements. You deserve to dedicate time daily to the things you want the most.

Overthinking: When we overthink and over question the process, we are less likely to execute. Overthinking is also a sign of insecurity … there are under qualified people doing what you’re doing just because they didn’t overthink it. DO IT.. put out the project… make the moves.

It is always possible to take the first steps. It is always possible to begin. You have to start. You have to keep going!

- Your coach, Nazanin Mandi

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