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March 29, 2023

Dear Overthinkers

Overthinking can be one of the most crippling forms of self sabotage we can put ourselves through. Most of us have been conditioned this way by our surroundings and lack of confidence. Here are a few essential keys that can motivate you to flow freely with your decision making and mindset ….

First identifying our current mental state is extremely important. Are you currently happy, anxious, depressed, in a transitional phase of life?? Be honest with yourself when figuring out where you are at, it can help identify why you overthink and put being graceful with ones self in the forefront.

Journaling. When we write our thoughts down and what we are grateful for it gives us a clearer view of reality which helps us think more Swiftly. We also attract more abundance when we move with gratitude. Scheduling time for reflection is so important.

Breathe. When we take a step back, pause and just breathe it allows us a moment of clarity to process our thoughts and speak freely.

Learning the art of being in the present moment. When we are aware of our surroundings we make faster, clear more efficient decisions.

Looking at situations for what the are. When we pull back the layers of a decision and understand that overthinking is adding unnecessary steps and stress we tend to be more carefree and have control over the moment.


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